Family Values

When Synergy Fostering started to look after children in year 2000, we had just one foster family to take care of. Even now many years and many children later, our ethos is that each family should feel like they are that one family. Each child we care for only experiences one Synergy foster family with their individual set of needs and issues to address. Our challenge is to make that one relationship an outstanding one for each and every child and young person.

While we know we do serious work, we do not take ourselves too seriously. We look for ways to have fun and enjoy the experience of looking after children in foster care and also in our foster carers’ birth families and our staff families as well. Afterall, family life is all the richer for sharing it together.

Working Together to Help Young People

Working together gives young people the best possible service. We work together with you to provide the best environment for both you and the young people in our care.

Addressing Children's Difficulties

We all know children in care will have difficult issues to face. Not least they are away from their birth families. We are with you in finding ways to help young people feel safe and secure with you.

Solving Problems Sensitively

Fostering, like all families, has is problems. We help you solve those problems in innovative and positive ways that lead to stabilty and strength in your relationships.

Supporting Carers and their Development

Support for foster families helps them to feel safe and secure in their relationships with the young people which adds to the overall environment of trust that develops.

Our Story

Over more than 16 years we have developed our service to children in care. We have learned how to match children with Foster Families so that they can provide the best care for the children. We support you to develop your confidence and skills so that you can give young people the safe and stable environment that helps them. This graphic shows the results of a survey of 261 children in care about they want from foster families.

  • Safety and Security 67% 67%
  • Support and Help 61% 61%
  • Foster Family’s Love 54% 54%

Your Team of Supporters

Your biggest supporters are the three people who started this agency 22 years ago. Running a Fostering agency is pointless unless we help young people in our care  find their way in life and we cannot achieve that without foster families, staff and the supporters of our organisation who also care about that.

Shobha Harris

Shobha Harris

Social Work Manager

“Helping vulnerable children to grow up into valuable adults in our community is really rewarding. Guiding and coaching foster parents who really care about children like I do so they can provide that care is even better!”
Gurmeet Sodhi

Gurmeet Sodhi

Recruitment and Training Manager

“Finding and developing potential and approved foster carers means that we can offer more young people better care as a result. The highlight for me is when a carer offers extra support to a young person; something they learned during their fostering career.”
John Barnes

John Barnes

Commercial Manager

“Using the skills I learned in the private sector to the benefit of young people in care makes it more important somehow. What we do matters and it will continue to be valuable to the young people for many years after they leave us.”

Passionate, Friendly, Dedicated

Fostering Agency In London

Sunny Barnes

Office Manager

Sunny has been helping Synergy for nine years now taking care of finances and the office organisation. Sunny also checks our Health & Safety  standards in foster homes for us.

  Supervising Social Worker

Lauren has previous experience as a child protection social worker within local authorities and a number of other fostering agencies in London. She would like to continue supporting foster carers to achieve positive outcomes for the children in their care.

Anna Mallon

Supervising Social Worker

Anna has hands on experience working with young people with special needs in residential settings. Her experience helps her to develop innovative strategies for the difficulties young people face. 

Recruitment Social Worker

The Recruitment SW is a trained secondary school teacher and qualified life coach. Her role in the organisation is to help children who need support in their education and to coach our older children to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

Martin Smith

Registered Manager

Martin has been working with children all his adult life. He believes that every one has special gifts and potential. Working with foster carers who help children reach this potential is what he finds so rewarding and inspiring.


Duyen Bui

Panel Administrator 

With so much going on, Duyen has a busy job organising, planning and supporting our team including the foster carers. Duyen also takes care of all the statutory checks, training records and panel administration.

Supervising Social Worker

With prior experience in another fostering agency, Our SSW has come to us to learn how to work therapeutically with fostering families and their looked after children to enable them to flourish in safe and secure environments.


Training & Development

Your development as a foster family is the single most important objective of the agency. We know that your development is directly linked to the standard of care that children and young people receive in your care. Find out more about how we develop and support our Foster Families at Synergy

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Probably the best way to find out if you will enjoy working with us is to call us and see how we are! We can arrange to visit you or invite you to a free workshop where you can find out what Synergy Fostering is really like .

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